Radio jingles…

The jingles are the bits between the news, weather, sport, DJ and music.


And this is an example of how they are made.

My 2022 book, published to celebrate 100 years of British broadcasting, Radio’s Legacy in Popular Culture,  tells the story of radio through pop songs, movies, novels, poetry, art and sculpture. What’s your favourite radio song?

Meanwhile, one of the great all-time jingle production houses was PAMS in Dallas, Texas. Read more about jingles, including one made by Jimi Hendrix for BBC Radio 1 here. In its time PAMS made jingles for the British offshore pirates, and BBC Radios 1 and 2. Simply the best. Have a listen.

And here’s the BBC Radio 1 examples, collected by an enthusiast:

Here’s another enthusiast with a selection of BBC Radio York jingles from the 1980s.

And here’s the BBC Radio York jingles from 2015…

Then read this. Apparently Greg James on BBC Radio 1 doesn’t like certain specific jingles much…

But back to BBC Radio York…

Do you have a favourite jingle? Or one you hate? Let me know. I used to love the BBC Radio 1 traffic jingle from the 1970s which sang out: “Beep-Beep ‘n Beep-Beep, Yeah!”, inspired – so it’s said – by the Beatles’ Drive My Car.

3 thoughts on “Radio jingles…

  1. I like the ‘little audio explosions’ of Radio 1, and the Pulse. Also Radio Leeds, which I see has a common audio element with Radio York. Not a fan of Radio 2’s, but maybe that’s partly due to the station’s hegemony & dominance!
    Thanks Martin 🙂


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