Radio jingles…

The jingles are the bits between the news, weather, sport, DJ and music.


And this is an example of how they are made.

One of the great all-time jingle production houses was PAMS in Dallas, Texas. Read more about jingles, including one made by Jimi Hendrix for BBC Radio 1 here. In its time PAMS made jingles for the British offshore pirates, and BBC Radios 1 and 2. Simply the best. Have a listen.

And here’s the BBC Radio 1 examples, collected by an enthusiast:

Here’s another enthusiast with a selection of BBC Radio York jingles from the 1980s.

And here’s the BBC Radio York jingles from 2015…

Then read this. Apparently Greg James on BBC Radio 1 doesn’t like certain specific jingles much…

But back to BBC Radio York…

Do you have a favourite jingle? Or one you hate? Let me know. I used to love the BBC Radio 1 traffic jingle from the 1970s which sang out: “Beep-Beep ‘n Beep-Beep, Yeah!”, inspired – so it’s said – by the Beatles’ Drive My Car.

2 thoughts on “Radio jingles…

  1. I like the ‘little audio explosions’ of Radio 1, and the Pulse. Also Radio Leeds, which I see has a common audio element with Radio York. Not a fan of Radio 2’s, but maybe that’s partly due to the station’s hegemony & dominance!
    Thanks Martin 🙂


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