Reasons to be cheerful, and reasons to give.

The harsh statistics are that this website costs just over one hundred UK pounds to run for twelve months.

That’s the annual web hosting fees payable to, and is a level of service which means that you – the reader – don’t have to see advertisements in the middle and top of every page, whilst at the same time enjoying a professionally laid-out website.

As a result your correspondent is paying around UK£8.00 each time he uploads an article every month.

Radiocentre (2) - Oct 2018

On top of this hosting fee, there’s the professional time taken to write each page. I’m a working journalist and each page takes around six hours writing/editing time – costing an equivalent of up to UK£120.00.

So, as a professional, I’m asking for your support. Please feel free to scroll down: either to the PayPal button at the very bottom of this page (and if you’re reading this on a mobile device of some description it’s a very long way down…), or to the Donate button to set up a secure payment via WordPress. And please contribute what you feel you can in order to help this site develop.

It costs this writer UK£128.00 for every article posted: UK£120.00 in labour costs and UK£8.00 in web hosting administration costs.

I’m aware that you’re bombarded by websites requesting financial help. Wikipedia and the Guardian are examples.

Just like them, this site is editorially independent and is convinced it has something useful to contribute to the public debate (in this case, about the medium of radio).

Continuing and regular contributions would be most welcome too. Please feel free to message me to discuss this. In the meantime, please enjoy the writing and analysis on these pages.


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Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

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