From the archives: 9 April 1992

Yorkie Mug 1

Here’s the start of BBC Radio York’s election night results programme in 1992. An example of local live reporting…

I’d gathered up all those clips during the course of the campaign trail to build this audio montage.

It was a busy night for the BBC Radio York team, reporting live from every parliamentary constituency count across North Yorkshire – England’s biggest county.

At the end of this clip there’s a clue as to why the evening was a bit of an embarrassment for the national pollsters. Quite simply, the exit poll released at ten o’clock when the voting finished was wrong. In the end it was a resounding victory for John Major’s conservatives and a depressing result for Labour’s Neil Kinnock. More details here.

For the team at BBC Radio York it was sleepless night of adrenaline. The results show was on air from 10pm until six the following morning. In my opinion election programmes are up there with sports reporting for the excitement of being in the moment of an unfolding event.


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